About Us

“I didn’t go to law school to be a businessman.” Fair enough. However, in today’s legal market, a lawyer cannot afford to overlook the economic and business realities of plying her/his trade. Most lawyers (and by extension their clients) are forced to choose between two divergent paths: the high profile (and high cost) platform of the inflexible large firm; or the long road (and long nights) of the do-it-yourself small firm/solo practitioner.

Our company was founded on the simple yet earnest belief that the lawyer/client relationship is sacred, and every relationship is uniquely its own. Clients deserve access to accomplished (and affordable) lawyers. Lawyers deserve choice (and control) in the way they serve clients. It became then our mission to help lawyers strengthen their client relationships by providing and managing cost-effective business solutions that are uniquely their own. While traditional legal process outsourcing (LPO) firms focus exclusively on legal staffing solutions, at Aerie, we believe that lawyers (and their clients) benefit from tailored solutions that solve for the business needs in their entirety.

We bring together decades of experience within the legal sector, including accomplished former law professionals from large firms as well as small firms/solo practitioners. Aerie’s market-wide experience informs our approach to client service, and results in practical solutions for our clients. For lawyers in the Aerie “nest,” we aim to provide an unparalleled client experience—designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and, most importantly, strengthen client relationships.

We see lawyers from a different perch.

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